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I'm not really good at these bios, but I'll try. First of all, I'm always writing something... and I always said, "I don't write romance. Nope. I don't write romance." I write Vampire... I write "Character-driven fiction." Yeah, well, I recently realized... when the main focus of a novel is the interaction and love relationship between two characters - be they human or vampire - well, dagnammit, you've written a romance. (ack, cough, cough). You can call it paranormal romance, but the word is still in there. Damn. I never aspired to be a romance writer - LOL. Ah well. I write because I MUST, like breathing, so whatever it's called doesn't matter so much.

So here's what I've been working on: the DeVante trilogy DeVante's Children, which will is available as an ebook by Torquere Press www.torquerepress.com, and is slated to be out in paperback from Queer Mojo this spring, 2010. DeVante's Coven which was a grand prize winner in the Project: QueerLit 2008 contest, and was released in paperback by Queer Mojo in October 2009, and DeVante's Choice, which is in progress and contracted with Queer Mojo for release in the fall of 2010.

Perhaps I have the Twilight fan craze to thank for keeping vampires in the public's eye, hmm? Although my darlings are a bit more, um, sexual, than those that belong to Myer. Consider yourself warned.

An erotic bdsm tale called Above the Dungeon is contracted with Torquere Press as an ebook, and I'm working with the editing team now. My understanding is that it should be available for download in March 2010!

Assassin Jaxx, about a girl assassin who's hired by The Church to assassinate Jesus. Feedback from my first readers suggest that this book might benefit from another 10 chapters or so.

A Year of Sundays, a family drama that's pretty clean (compared to my other stuff). Perhaps a book for my mother to read. We shall see.

I started a YA novel for NaNoWriMo 2009, but unfortunately the need to have a root canal (diagnosis - excruciating pain) laid me out before I found out where the book was going.

February 2010 has me spinning off in to a new direction, sort of a pulp-fiction type of mystery, which is a new genre for me.

I mostly write about people, what they mean to each other, how they change one another. My head is a series of daydreams, and I've finally trained it to daydream some stuff in order, and then I write lots of it down.

I like people who are far off the mainstream ... be they artists, writers, or just plain old-fashioned storytellers. I hate small talk and I'm not good at it. I work on an inpatient psych ward and I generally like it, which actually says a lot about me. I'm a mom, too, and that's definitely the hardest job I've ever had.

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